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What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

Grade 34s had a great time at Bounce!

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Grade 34 Portables Arcade Game Day

Grade 34 classes in the portables had a great time playing each others’ cardboard arcade games today. The students designed and constructed all the games in small groups and voted for the best game in each class. Congratulations to the winners and well done everyone!

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Music Pop Up Performance

Take a look at this great performance form the grade 3-5 students from the senior choir a couple of weeks ago.

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34F Rainbow Lunch Winners

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34L’s Rainbow Lunch winners from last week :)

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Walk to school is back!

Welcome back to Term 4! Walk to School will be recommencing this Friday, the 12th of October. It will be perfect weather to get your body moving and coming to school actively. Please meet at the corner of O’Neil rd at 8:20am. See you all then!

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Division Athletics

Attached is a picture from yesterdays Division Athletics, the 10 year old girls relay team.  From grades 3 to 6 we have 21 students who have qualified for the Region athletics in October.  It was a great day and thank you to the parents who came along to support us.  Well done team!


Beacy Boys Do It Again!

Tonight Jacob and Mitch travelled to Endeavour Hills to compete in the District Public Speaking Competiton. Both age groups consisted of 4 speakers from different schools in the local area.

Jacob spoke second in his age group and blew the audience away with the quality of his speech. At first he seemed nervous but there was no need to be as he delivered an incredible speech about his favourite place ‘The Library’.

Mitch also spoke second in his competition and followed in Jacobs footsteps by equalling his efforts to deliver a typical Mitch speech. He talked about all the wonderful landmarks and tourist attractions around Beaconsfield.

We all waited nervously for the judges to come to a decision,  when it was finally announced that Beaconsfield had won both competitions. Jacob surprised only himself as we all expected him to be named the winner. Mitch accepted his award with a great big grin on his face as he regained his title from two years ago!

Both boys have advanced to the next round (pretty much a grand final) on Saturday the 7th of October at Trafalgar where they will go for the glory.

We are very proud of both these boys as the competition was of an exceptional standard. Congratulations Jacob and Mitch!

Mr O’Shea

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Tissue boxes needed in grade 3/4 classrooms!

If you have any spare tissue boxes at home, could you please bring them to your classroom teacher. Most of the classes have ran out in the 3/4 area. Thank you!

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Camp 2 Reminders

Hi everyone,

Camp 1 is having a blast out at Phillip Island!!! Just a few reminders for Camp 2 heading off tomorrow morning:

– Please arrive at school between 8:30am – 8:45am and take your luggage to the shed to get your name marked off and stand with your class.
– If you have medication you need to be at school at 8:15am and meet in 3/4L’s classroom (Mrs Sapi’s room).
– Bring your asthma form in if applicable.
– Bring your snack and lunch for the first day in a small backpack. You also will need a refillable drink bottle.
– Devices such as iPods and iPads, cameras and any electronics are not allowed to be brought to camp.
– Everyone must bring a hat (caps are fine).
– Bring sunscreen.
– Everyone will need a pillow and a sleeping bag (these are not supplied by the camp).
– All tops must have sleeves (no singlets).

I think they’re all the major things!! Have a restful night sleep and we cant wait to see you all in the morning ready for a fun few days on the island!

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