Grade 3.4 Beaconsfield PS

What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

We’re on our way

After an exciting day of shopping and exploring market life, we are heading back to school.
See you soon!


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Shopping frenzy at Caribbean Market!

The 3/4 students are having a wonderful time at the market. Choosing what to buy can be difficult, so many fun things to buy but everyone seems happy with their purchases!



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Planning our writing


As part of the writing process we plan our writing on blue paper, then we use yellow for our draft and finally we publish either using the computer or handwriting it ourselves. Why do you think we use the different colours?


A busy afternoon at Beacy!

Hi everyone,
Don’t forget that we have a special music assembly for our grade 3/4 musical groups. There will be singing and some instrumental performances by our talented students. Hope to see you at the gym at 2:30.
Also our book fair finishes today. If you haven’t yet visited it’s open for the final time today till 4:30.
Lastly the kids were able to buy some lovely gifts for their mums today at our Mother’s Day stall. I believe there will be a last minute opportunity to get something today after school.
Enjoy the sunshine!


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