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What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a happy and restful holiday break. See you again on the 15th of July for the start of Term 3.

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Sorry we’re closed

Thanks to everyone who came to our ‘open for business’ classroom community displays. It was a great afternoon and a wonderful way to get to see the many interesting and creative business ideas!






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Open for business

Grade 3/4’s are having a wonderful time exploring the different towns and businesses in our classroom communities this afternoon. If you are free please come in and have a look for yourself, you’re sure to be impressed. Some classrooms will be open until 3:45 if you want to drop bye after school. More photos in upcoming posts.

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Take 100!

Using dice, children are starting at the number 100 and have to subtract the number thrown until they get to 0. To challenge us even further we started at 200 with 2 die and had to add the thrown numbers together AND then subtract them from our running total. The strategies we used were compensation, doubles, near doubles and known facts and also the split strategy.


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