Grade 3.4 Beaconsfield PS

What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

Whole School Sports Day

We are looking forward to a fun day with our School House Sports on Monday 1st December.  Please make sure students wear their house colours, hat and sunscreen.  Don’t forget a drink bottle. Parents please come along to watch the activities around our school then join us for the Helper’s Morning Tea between 11-11:30am where we will celebrate our wonderful helpers who have assisted in all areas of our school throughout the year.
Join us at 2:30pm in the gym for house relay races with the students, teachers and parents!


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Question for Today …

Which notable Australian are you researching, and what is the most interesting thing you have learnt about him or her?


Question of the Day …

We’ve been looking at location and mapping in Maths, along with Australian landmarks in Investigations.

If I was at Uluru, what direction would I go if I wanted to visit the Bungle Bungles?

uluru2 L091_Bungle_Bungles_3742


Readers Theatre Performers!


There’s no kissing, but proposals were made in this hilarious school yard play! Well done kids!


And some new rehearsals have started!

The Brementown MusiciansMillionaire MiserStoke

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Reader’s Theatre!



The students in 3/4H and 3/4 are loving their rehearsals for a performance today! They are helping each other become the character they have taken on and use expression in their reading. We are so proud of their cooperation with each other and can’t wait to see their performances!

As If!


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Word of the Day …

We’ve been researching notable Australians for our Investigations projects.

What does notable mean and can you put it in a sentence?


Question of the Day …

We’ve been learning about Australian organisations in Investigations.


Which organisation, with the above symbol, aims to give health care to people in Australia who live far away from city hospitals?

Bonus house points if you can also remember the year it started in Victoria!


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