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What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

Super Hero Dress Up Day!!!! Can’t wait to see what super heroes we have in Grade 3/4!!!

Create your own Superhero dress up day
On Monday we have a free dress day. We are asking students to create their own superhero costume. Please remember that students need to dress appropriately for cold weather, playing outside and no weapons. If students choose to come in free dress, they are asked to bring a gold coin donation for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
We will be holding a “Guess the Jelly Beans” competition. Students can bring 50c for one guess or $1 for two. Two guesses are the maximum.

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National Walk to School Day

Don’t forget to meet us at the Stop & Drop zone at 8:30. If you can’t meet us there, you can walk 5 laps of the basketball court instead. It would be great to see everyone take on this national challenge at Beacy!

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Awesome Activities – Scrapbooking

Crafty creations!

Crafty creations!


3/4C Super Reading Awards



Congratulations to the following students for earning certificates for home reading:

Kaiva, Josh and Riley – 50 Nights

Jenna, Maddy, Hamish and Mathew – 75 Nights

Tayla and James – 100 Nights. Wow! 

Keep up the great reading!


Teachers not walking to school

Due to the uncertainty of the weather this morning the teachers will not be walking to school. If you and your child decide to brace the wintery weather be sure to collect a raffle ticket for the box from Mrs Beilby’s room this morning. Thank you.
Mrs Beilby.

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Neighbourhood Walk


Our Investigations topic this term is ‘Community and Neighbourhood’, so the grade 3/4 classes all went on walks around our Beacy neighbourhood this week. Today was the day 3/4C braved the wet and cold to go on our walk.

What were two emergency services that we passed?

Name a shop/business that sold a good.

Name a shop/business that provided a service.


Awesome Activities Afternoons seem to be pretty awesome this term!

image image image image image image image image image image


Well done to the Grade 3’s – 1 more test to go! Keep it up!

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Super Achievers!

Well done to Judd, Hunter, Jude and Ronan for their Mathletics certificates, 100 nights of reading and 75 nights of reading, respectively.

100 nights, Jude! What an achievement!

Well done boys!



Volunteering Talk

Jason is a volunteer firefighter

Jason is a volunteer firefighter

We loved hearing about the CFA

We loved hearing about the CFA


3/4C was so lucky to have Riley’s dad Jason visit us today. Jason is a volunteer fire fighter and spoke to the class about why he became a volunteer, what it means to volunteer, and what sorts of jobs the CFA attend. It was great to hear some real stories of community organisations, to complement our Investigations topic. We were enthralled!

1. Why did Jason decide to become a volunteer?

2. What do you call the special ‘phone’ that alerts Jason of a job?

3. How many minutes do fire fighters have, to put on their gear for a job?



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