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PJ Day Tomorrow

on November 7, 2016

Tomorrow is Pyjama Day to raise money for 4C’s, a church network in Pakenham that supports families in the Cardinia Shire.

It is a silver coin donation and of course you are allowed to bring as many silver coins as you wish. The grade with the longest line will win a prize!!

Please wear appropriate pyjamas that cover your shoulders and you may wear your slippers in class, but of course will need to consider appropriate footwear for outside.

Also, the SRC have begun an appeal to “Give Back Christmas”. We are collecting Christmas items for a hampers and each grade level has a different focus:
Prep – Christmas themed paper plates
1/2’s – Christmas Crackers/Bon bons
3/4’s – Canned Christmas Puddings
5/6’s – Canned ham

These can be bought to school at any time, but the cut off date is 7th December. Mrs Humphries in 5H will collect all the items and once again give to 4C’s to aid their efforts.

2 Responses to “PJ Day Tomorrow”

  1. T Collett says:

    Hi there, must the Christmas puddings literally be canned or are the standard (plastic tub) long life ones ok? (Woolworths today had canned ones for $12 and the long life ones started at $4). Thanks!

    • misssargeant says:

      I bought one of the long life ones from ALDI. I think the intention is the long date so that would be great Teena. Thank you. Yes mine was $4 also. Still a great donation to 4Cs.

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