Grade 3.4 Beaconsfield PS

What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

Junior Cross Country Update

Just letting you know at this stage Junior Cross Country will still be running tomorrow. If anything changes we will let you know. All students from prep to 6 can wear their house colours.

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Mental Math at Beacy!

As students and families are aware, we use a variety of math strategies when solving addition and subtraction problems. You’ve probably heard or seen things such as the jump, split and compensation strategies. Some of these are very different to the ones parents might have used when they were in school. So we have put together an explanation of how to do these strategies so students can practice them at home when completing Mathletics and so parents can help their child if needed. Click on the link below to check it out.

Math Strategies for Addition and Subtraction

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Week 8 WOW-winners

Charlotte 3S

Mia 3F

Maddie 3L

Maddie 4D

Harry 4S

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Week 7 WOW-winners

Hayden 3T

Maddie 3F

Kate 3S

Krystal-Lee 3L

Ange 4S

Evie 4D

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3F has completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge!

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National Ride to School Day

Just a friendly reminder that the National Ride to School Day is on tomorrow (Friday the 17th of March). Please join the teachers at O’Neil Road. We will be leaving at 8:30am to walk back to school.

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WOW winners week 6

Lucy 4S

Josh W 4D

Erin 3T

Elise 3F

Riley C 3S

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Few reminders…

Athletics Day

  • Athletics Day is on this Friday. Please make sure notes are returned. Students may be dressed in house colours with sunsmart clothing.
  • We are still looking for parent helpers to assist with running events. Please let Mrs Inglis know asap.
  • We have organised a Coffee Van to be at the venue for parents and staff to buy beverages from.


HPV Meeting

HPV meeting is on Wednesday 8th of March at 6:30pm in the Music Room. Information on fundraising, maintenance of vehicles and entries for RACV energy breakthrough.


Vic Team Trails

Entries close this Friday 10th March. Please see Mrs Ryan or Mrs Cole if you require any further information.

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Week 5 WOW-winners

Hayley and Grace 3F

Talia 3T

Mathilda 3S

Steven 4N

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No Assembly Tomorrow

As there are House Meetings on tomorrow, there will be no assembly.

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