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What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

Christmas Stall 2017

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‘Pop-Up Art Show’

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*Bring a rug, mat, cushion and/or a chair from home so you will be comfy!

Junior Concert Prep to Gr 2: Monday 18th December: 2pm: Shed Area

Senior Concert Gr 3 to 6: Monday 18th December: 6:30pm: Shed Area


Dear families,

On Monday 18th December, we will be setting up the viewing areas for our fantastic Junior and Senior Concerts a little differently to last year. We aim to make it a little easier for you to see, hear and enjoy your talented children’s performances a little better.

There will be two designated areas in the centre of the shed as follows.

  • The area towards the centre front and middle will only be for families who bring a rug or a cushion to sit on. Please bring your own from home with you.


  • The area towards the back will have a couple of rows of chairs for special needs and there will be some space available for your own chairs from home

(It’s probably a good idea to have a chair and a rug in the back of the car just in case either area fills up.)

As the Junior Concert is at 2pm, we also ask that you please do not come on to the school grounds until after play has finished and all students are out of the yard.

(You can enter the yard from 1:30pm – not before please)

Hope you can make it,
Irene Carroll and Emma Jennion (Performing Arts Teachers)

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What a fantastic day at the MCG, watching the Big Bash cricket on Friday!

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Big Bash Excursion

Hi guys, here is all the information required for our Big Bash excursion tomorrow:

– Be at school by 8am – we will not wait for more than 5 minutes for anyone who is late.
– You need to bring your own bag with fruit, snack, lunch and a drink in it. No money is to be brought.
– You need to bring your school hat (your teacher will remind you in the morning).
– It would be a good idea to bring some sunscreen along.
– No devices are to be brought along.
– You must be in full school uniform. If you would like to wear a scarf, cape, accessories, etc of one of the teams playing that is okay.
– No sports equipment eg. cricket bats/balls.

Looking forward to a great day!

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Mad About Science incursion taught us about different forces

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No Walk to School Today

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