Grade 4 Swimming Reminder

Just a reminder that swimming begins on Monday the 16th March and will be running over the next 2 weeks excluding Wednesday’s for the participating Grade 4’s.

What to bring

Pack bathers, towel and goggles if preferred. Also a plastic bag for wet items.

Swimming Caps

As stated on the permission form, the children CAN NOT SWIM if they do not bring a swimming cap. If your child forgets either the cap or their swimming bag on a morning, they will still travel on the bus with their class but will be unable to swim.

Coming to Watch

You are welcome to come and watch your child swim at Haileybury College, but you will need to sign in at THEIR office reception (see signs on the grounds) and get a ‘Visitor’ sticker. You then drive around to the pool which is towards the back of the grounds. Only parents who have signed in at Beaconsfield Primary School and been given a red lanyard as a parent helper (as per the roster emailed and sent home) will be permitted in the change rooms to assist with dressing children.

There is a strict policy of NO PHOTOGRAPHY at the pool.


From time to time we have had some instances where a child has been advised by a doctor not to swim. In this situation the child can still travel on the bus with their class and watch their friends.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2 thoughts on “Grade 4 Swimming Reminder

  1. Is it’s still going ahead as I know a lot of other school are cancelling their swimming due to corona virus?!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      We haven’t been told it’s cancelled as yet so are assuming it’s still on at this stage. We’ll let you know if we hear anything further.

      Chris Jeffries

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