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What's going on in Grades 3 & 4?

What a delicious way to end our week and term with a rainbow lunch. 34N awarded the winner to this lunchbox which had lots of food groups represented.

Thanks to all the families in 34N and 34O who supported us this week in promoting healthy lunches. Look out for more photos, facts and ideas in Term 3.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

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Congratulations to these students who were rewarded for good sportsmanship in Grade 34 House Sports!

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From 34O and 34N

There were a lot of fantastic rainbow lunches today in 3/4N & 3/4O making it a very difficult choice for our judges.

Have a look and see if you can work out why these lunchboxes were the winners.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more rainbow lunch box ideas!

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34N and 34O

Grade 3/4N and 3/4O’s Sustainability Leaders have chosen today’s ‘Rainbow Lunchbox’ winners. These lunch boxes were chosen as they contained a variety of colours for a balanced diet. We are also happy to see them using reusable containers!

Can’t wait to see more exciting lunchboxes tomorrow.

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Rainbow lunches

Thanks to the wonderful families in 3/4N and 3/4O who contributed to our ‘Rainbow Lunches’ promotion today.

It is our week to showcase healthy lunchboxes, so each day our class Sustainability Leaders will choose a student who has a healthy ‘rainbow lunch’.

There were some amazing examples today, so please have a look at the winning lunchboxes for some inspiration.

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Check out 3/4T’s colourful rainbow lunchboxes!! We had a wonderful week of eating healthy rainbow foods.

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Division Cross Country

The sun was shining and so were our Beacy Runners. Everyone that participated gave it their best and showed excellent attitude and determination. Well done to all our runners and an extra congratulations to all those who finished in the top 10 and will move onto to Regionals later in the term.

                            Sayla- 14th                                     Caleb- 10th
Rhylee- 2nd                                   Kaelan- 10th
Shayla- 5th                                    Hayden- injured
Kayla- 1st                                       Kade- 15th
Paige- 4th                                      Blake- 7th
Zahra- 10th                                   Mason- 8th
Jordy- 9th                                     Mitch- 14th
Jess- 7th
Caitlyn- 8th
Abby- 4th
Claire- 3rd
Kiera- 17th

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Family Maths Night Tonight!

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Family Maths Night

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Walk to School Announcement

Walk to school will be cancelled until further notice due to weather. Keep your eyes open towards the end of Term 3 for an announcement of when it will start back up.

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